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SKU: 164 Sacred Ibis

Sacred Ibis
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  • SKU: 164 Sacred Ibis

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Vintage Sacred Ibis Gold Finish Egyptian Statue

n ancient Egypt a certain artefact describe as an Ibis as sacred, basically related with the God named Djehuty, prominently known as Thoth for the Greeks. He is credited for academics especially measurement and mathematics. An artwork dated back to the late period in Egypt, illustrates Thoth as a man with an ibis head.

In Hermopolis, ibises were raised as an item for sacrifice. In the Saqqara, archeologist found millions of ibis’s mummies at the Serapeum with the thousand of falcons.

Based on the legend from the Birecik area, the Ibis is one of the very first birds that Noah released as a sign of fertility.

The Ibis is a symbol of communication, probing, transition and trust. When this creature presented itself to you it probably wants to tell you that there is a harmonious relationship in connection to your surroundings.

The Ibis teaches us to create a smooth flow of communication to create an appropriate working condition. An ibis always works well in a group, a popular trait that the Ibis is willing to share. Everything can be done accordingly and efficiently when there is a pleasant ambience in a group. Traditionally, this animal totem shows when group work is needed.

It also teaches us to search for answers on secrets. Observe how an Ibis probes on the dirty mud just to search for a food. We must also be ready to face some ugly truths if we want to find answers to our questions. The Ibis is a warning that searching for answers won’t be that easy; we have to be vigilant and expect the worst thing that will come our way if we want to find out the truth.

About 8in by 4.5in by 3in