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SKU: 133 KOVI "LES PIEDS DANS L'EAU (4 girls)"

Purchase KOVI "LES PIEDS DANS L'EAU (4 girls)"
  • SKU: 133 KOVI "LES PIEDS DANS L'EAU (4 girls)"

  • $265.00


Artist: KOVI 1965

LES PIEDS DANS L'EAU   (4 girls)

Technique:         Oil on canvas

Signed unframed

Sailboats rest in port. Elsewhere children are out fishing, a person in traditional Breton style comes by on his cycle. KOVI refrains from nothing. He plays with the colours by letting the contrasts swing, in an altercation of warm and cold tones. He likes to purify the contours of the architectures and the characters without other considerations than to let his impulses dictate his choice. This isn't a painter of compromise. He’s a free artist who has chosen the material and colour to show his interest in the surrounding world. The spontaneity of execution allows him to transcend his genre scenes emphasizing the naturalness of the execution.

Present in numerous collections in France and abroad.
Exhibition between 2005 and 2008 at the Saint Paul de Vence and Dijon galleries.