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About Us

Vibrant Life Gallery is proud to support the work of the Vibrant Life Initiative.

Established to promote good health beginning with a healthy gut through the ingestion of colostrum, and reaching further into all aspects of healthy living from the foods we eat, the life-styles we choose and our connection to the arts, Vibrant Life Initiative seeks to provide opportunities for the body, mind and spirit to come together.

Modern lifestyles, environmental toxins and pharmaceutical “wonder drugs” are killing us, literally. That doesn’t have to be our fate, and that’s where the Vibrant Life Initiative comes in. Today, a growing number of health practitioners and health-minded people have made the connection between gastrointestinal health and chronic or autoimmune conditions and realize that optimal human health is dependent upon the living components found in colostrum. If gut health is immune health, then colostrum is the key to a healthy immune system and robust physical and mental health.

Join us in taking back your sovereign right to optimum health as we support research with colostrum throughout the world, make freely available information on good health practices and share the arts, particularly through our Vibrant Life Gallery.


We aim to establish a destination center (the Vibrant Life Center) for health and wellbeing, including mind, body and spirit. The primary components will include:

  • Education: workshops, lectures, classes on all aspects of better health as confirmed by research with a focus on colostrum as the foundational dietary supplement.
  • Activities: including equine therapy/horse riding, hiking, yoga, etc.
  • The Arts: active participation and/or audience enjoyment such as theatre, visual art and music. The Vibrant Life Initiative Center will include casitas where people can stay for short periods, an art gallery/museum, a performing arts space, studios, classrooms and an equine center.

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